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Hitachi Heat Pumps

Hitachi Heat Pumps are your economical heating and cooling solution.

Hitachi Heat Pumps

12 months

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Why Hitachi?

Hitachi Heat Pumps are your quiet, efficient and low-cost solution. They have a wide ambient temperature range so even when the outside temperature drops to -15°C, they will perform.


Eco sleep mode

Eco sleep mode

Powerful mode

Powerful mode

Air purifying filter

Air purifying filter

ES-Temperature Control

Heating and cooling

DC Inverter

DC Inverter

Leave home function

Leave home function

ES-Temperature Control

Wide operating temperature




Optional Wifi


We supply and install only the best Heat Pumps


Hitachi Heat Pumps come with a 6-year parts and labour warranty. All our Heat Pumps are installed by a registered electrician and come with a code of compliance.

Hitachi Heat Pump FAQs

Do Hitachi Heat Pumps have wifi?

Majority of Hitachi Heat Pumps have an optional wifi add on available. Our trained assessors will be able to advise you on which models have wifi at the time of your assessment to ensure you get the right heat pump for your requirements.

Do Hitachi Heat Pumps have powerful mode?

Yes, Hitachi Heat Pumps have powerful mode and will run your Heat Pump on maximum heating or cooling for 20 minutes.

Do Hitachi Heat Pumps have eco mode?

Yes, Hitachi Heat Pumps have eco mode. When eco mode is selected they are programmed to run your heat pump at a reduced rate, which helps keep your energy consumption low.

Are Hitachi heat pumps quiet?

Yes, Hitachi heat pumps are quiet. In general heat pumps are a very quiet form of heating.

Are Hitachi Heat Pumps good?

Hitachi Heat Pumps are an affordable, premium Heat Pump brand which offer great features across their Heat Pump range. EnergySmart supply and install both Split and Multi Hitachi Heat Pumps.

Can I use my Hitachi Heat Pump in summer to cool my house?

Yes, all of the Hitachi Heat Pumps EnergySmart supply and install have Air Conditioning capabilities as well as heating. This allows you to have year round temperature control and comfort throughout your home.

Do Hitachi Heat Pumps have timers?

Yes, all Hitachi Heat Pumps EnergySmart supply and install have timer capabilities. This allows you to set daily and weekly timers for your Heat Pump to turn on and off, in turn saving you electricity and ensuring you always come home to a warm house.

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