Multi Heat Pumps

Multi room Heat Pumps are your total home solution.

Split Heat Pumps

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No repayments or interest

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Why you should install a Multi Heat Pump

Multi Heat Pumps give you freedom tailored to each rooms requirements, and are a space saver by only using one outdoor unit.

Individual room temperature control

Individual room temperature control

Night mode

Sleep mode

Weekly timer

Weekly timer

Heating and cooling

Heating and cooling

Air filtration

Air filtration

Power save mode

Power save mode

Optional wifi

Optional wifi

Low noise

Low noise



Heat Pump brands

We provide only the best Heat Pump brands in NZ

Daikin Heat Pumps

One of NZ’s most trusted brands

Mitsubishi Heat Pumps

NZ’s quietest Heat Pump brand

Toshiba Heat Pumps

Your affordable premium choice

Hitachi Heat Pumps

Your economical heating and cooling solution

Carrier Heat Pumps

NZ’s longest Heat Pump warranty - 7 years

Multi Heat Pump FAQs

What is a Multi Heat Pump?

A Multi Heat Pump is a Heat Pump that has a single outdoor unit, with multiple indoor units connected to it.

What does a multi room Heat Pump cost?

The cost of a multi room Heat Pump will depend on how many Heat Pumps are required, the size of the Heat Pumps required and where the outdoor unit is located. Our trained assessors will happily provide a free in-home assessment and quote.

What is the difference between a Split Heat Pump and a Multi Heat Pump?

Split Heat Pumps require an outdoor unit per Heat Pump, whereas multi Heat Pumps connect multiple Heat Pumps to a single outdoor unit.

Do you have interest free options available for your Heat Pump purchases?

Yes, we have a range of interest free payment options available. Find out more about what interest free payment options may be available to you.

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