5 signs your home is under insulated

Many homes in New Zealand are under insulated. Insulation is one of the most important ways to ensure you have a warm, dry and healthy home.

We have put together a list of five signs your home is under insulated. If you are experiencing any of these signs there is a chance your home is under insulated.


Temperatures fluctuation

A sign that your home has good insulation, is having even temperatures throughout your home. If different rooms, have different temperatures without heating or cooling then that’s a large indicator of your home being under insulated.


Cold floors and ceiling

Do the touch test – The interior ceiling and floors of your home should feel both warm and dry. When these feel cold or damp, this is a sign that your home is under insulated.


High energy bills

Have your home energy bills in the last few years started to drastically increase? This could be due to your insulation deteriorating, making your home harder to heat and using a lot more electricity to do so.



Is your home damp or does it have mould?  Chances are your underfloor insulation is inadequate. Uninsulated underfloors are often the main reason why a home is damp, unhealthy, and difficult to heat. An average sized underfloor allows 40 litres* of moisture to be uplifted into the home every 24 hours.


Bugs and rodents

Do you have unwanted bugs and rodents inside your home? You may not know this but insulation can help to keep out bugs and insects


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*Rising moisture is calculated at 0.4L of water per m2 of floor area per day e.g a 100m2 underfloor = 40L per day.

*Free assessments available for owner-occupied homes

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