ANZ Healthy Homes interest free offer

Great news for ANZ mortgage customers!

ANZ are offering an interest-free home loan top up for insulation and heat pumps for up to 4 years, for the value of up to $5,000 for both.

The loan can be used for installation for the following EnergySmart products and services:

To qualify you must meet the following criteria:

  • Have an ANZ mortgage over the house you want insulated or heat pump(s) installed in.
  • Have not previously had an interest-free loan for insulation or a heat pump on the property you are wanting to put this against.
  • Must satisfy their lending criteria. For full information please see ANZ.

To be eligible for this great offer, ANZ has stipulated that it can't be a DIY job and must be installed by a reputable installer, which Energysmart are.

Don’t suffer another winter with a damp, cold and unhealthy home.

EnergySmart are here to help, we will come to your home for a FREE, no obligation assessment and let you know the most suitable insulation or heat pump option for your home, budget and requirements. Book your FREE assessment today or call us on 0800 777 111.


*Terms and conditions apply. For full information please visit ANZ.


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