Are you using your Heat Pump efficiently?

Heat Pumps are the most popular form of fixed heating available in New Zealand. What makes them even more desirable is their dual ability. Heat Pumps become air conditioners, efficiently cooling your home throughout the warmer months. Affordable comfort all year round.

Running cost of Heat Pump

Heat pumps stand out for their cost-effectiveness. Data from EECA reveals that heat pumps operate between 3 cents and 16 cents per unit (kWh) of heat. In stark contrast, electric heaters can cost between 19 cents and 40 cents per unit, making heat pumps a more economical choice.

The Economic Advantage of Heat Pumps

Heat pumps offer the highest level of energy efficiency, with the ability to provide 3-5kW of heat energy for every 1kW used. Typically, heat pumps take around 10-20 minutes to bring a room up to temperature which they then maintain.

To get the most out of your Heat Pump it is important to know a few key things to ensure energy efficiency.

Top tips that will save you money when using your Heat Pump

1. Emphasise Insulation:

Before you rely heavily on your heat pump, ensure your home boasts robust insulation, particularly in the ceiling and underfloor regions. This foundational step aids in retaining warmth.

2. Smart Scheduling:

Leverage the timer feature, activating your heat pump just before you return home. This strategy curtails unnecessary energy consumption.

3. Temperature Fine-tuning:

A thermostat setting between 18ºC to 21ºC strikes a balance between comfort and energy efficiency. Avoid extreme settings to prevent potential dampness and excessive energy use.

4. Optimise Your Living Space:

Support your heat pump's efficiency by sealing your environment—close windows, draw blinds, and eliminate draughts.

5. Routine Upkeep:

Regular maintenance, especially cleaning the filters of both indoor and outdoor units, is pivotal for the heat pump's longevity and optimal operation.

Heat Pumps: Beyond Just Heating

While primarily used for heating, remember that heat pumps double as air conditioners during warmer months. This dual nature ensures year-round comfort, making them a valuable addition to any home.

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