Benefits of Wi-Fi Controlled Heat Pumps

Wi-Fi control is a very handy addition to your Heat Pump unit and allows you to have flexibility and control of your Heat Pump. Wi-Fi control has a number of features allowing you to turn your Heat Pump on/off, adjust heat settings and set timers all from your smartphone!

How does a Heat Pump with Wi-Fi control work?

To have Wi-Fi control capability you need to have a Wi-Fi control adaptor which plugs into your Heat Pump unit as well as good Wi-Fi connection within your home and a smart phone with your Heat Pump brands Wi-Fi Control app installed. Your smartphone and your Wi-Fi router are both connected to the Heat Pump Brands server which is how the two systems talk to each other.

Benefits of Wi-Fi Control

  1. Turn your Heat Pump on wherever, whenever.

    All Wi-Fi controlled models connect to an app on your smartphone which allows you to turn your Heat Pump on and off from anywhere anytime (even overseas!). This means if the weather turns while you’re out and about, you can turn on your Heat Pump and come home to a nice warm home.
  2. Perfect for busy lives

    Often your plans change throughout the day. Having Wi-Fi control means if you need to stay later at work one night or are heading out for a spontaneous dinner you can turn off your Heat Pump or change your automatic timers from your phone ensuring that your Heat Pump isn’t on when no one is home. This can help save on your power bills!
  3. Great for Holiday Homes and short term rentals

    Heading off to your holiday home for the weekend? Having Wi-Fi control means that you can arrive to a warm house. The feature is also great for people who own and rent out their holiday home allowing you to double check that the Heat Pump has been turned off once your guests leave.


How can I get Wi-Fi control?

There are a range of different Heat Pumps that have the ability to be controlled with Wi-Fi. This includes brand new Heat Pumps ready to be installed and some existing Heat Pumps where the interface can be added.

EnergySmart supply and install a range of Heat Pumps which have Wi-Fi capabilities. We offer free in home assessments to help decide which Heat Pump is best suited for your home, just let your assessor know you’d like Wi-Fi capability included!

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