Does insulation have an expiry?

Insulation is the blanket for your home, it keeps your home all snug and warm in the winter and cool and comfortable in the summer. When it works, it’s fantastic. You’ve got a warm, dry and welcoming home.  However, it doesn’t last forever and when it degrades, you begin losing those three valuable qualities.

Like any material used in your home, insulation degrades over time and becomes less effective. You may notice this when your power bills creep up, you find it harder to you’re your home warm or dampness begins tainting the rooms. A little bit of mould here and there and, suddenly, you have a problem. There are many factors that contribute to how rapidly insulation degrades - and many warning signs that let you know when you need a top up or replacement.

The type of material and the quality of the installation impacts the lifespan of the insulation. However, external factors are a bigger problem. In an ideal world, insulation would last several decades or longer, however, storms, sneaky, sharp toothed mice and rats, leaky roofs and other issues can shorten that lifespan.

Old or damaged insulation won’t do anything to keep you snug and dry and should be replaced. However, not all of us enjoy wriggling around in the ceiling cavity or crawling about under the floor. So, how do you know when it’s time to get a professional to come and have a look?

Effective insulation keeps the internal temperature of your home at a comfortable level, despite the weather outside. If your insulation is in need of a top up or replacement, you may find your home more vulnerable to the outside temperatures. If you’re leaving the house in winter and find it warmer outside than it is inside, there’s a problem. Similarly, if you’re finding it tricky to heat your home or keep it cool with things like fans or heat pumps, it may be time for a check.

A big tell is if your power bill skyrockets. This is especially evident during winter when you’re trying to keep toasty and warm. You shouldn’t need to be rugged up in three layers of blankets and four pairs of socks even when you’ve got a heat pump going or the fire roaring. Without good insulation, the heat you’re working so hard to create simply pours out of the house. So, if you’re wondering why you’re being asked to cough up an exorbitant amount of cash for your power or you’re finding yourself buying a new jersey or two, it might be time to get someone to have a look at the insulation.

It’s also a good idea to check up on the state of your insulation if there’s been a recent storm that affected the roof or walls of your home. If there’s a leak, it could be making the insulation damp which compresses it and reduces the effectiveness. Rodents can also wreak havoc, nibbling away at the insulation and using it to line their stomachs instead of your home. If you think you may have an infestation of pests in your ceiling, walls or underfloor, it’s worth checking up on the insulation.

At the end of the day, insulation is the single most effective way to create a warm and dry environment in your home. If it’s ineffective, you might as well not have it at all. So keep an eye on your power bills, listen out for mice in the walls and make sure there’s no sneaky leaks dripping into your roof. And, if you feel you need a check-up, get hold of someone who can help. Like us!

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