How to use the modes on a Heat Pump

Heat Pumps have a range of different modes to ensure that you are able to use your unit energy efficiently all year round. Most Heat Pumps will include heat, cool, auto and powerful or sprint mode. Using these modes correctly will allow you to heat or cool your home effectively and efficiently to have a comfortable home all year round.

How to use heat mode on a Heat Pump

 Heat mode is best used throughout the winter months when the outside temperature is cooler than what you wish your house to be. This mode is usually represented by a sun symbol on your remote. Heat mode works by heating the room until it reaches the set temperature. Once it has reached this temperature it will stop and the unit won’t start heating again unless the indoor temperature drops below the set temperature.

How to use cool mode on a Heat Pump

 Cool mode works the exact opposite way to heat mode and is best used through the summer months when the outdoor temperature is warmer than what you wish your house to be. Cool mode is usually represented by a snowflake on your remote. Cool mode works by cooling the house to the set temperature. Once it has reached this set temperature it will stop until the house heats up again.

How to use Auto mode on a Heat Pump

Auto mode uses both the heat and cooling mode to keep the room at the set temperature consistently. This means that if you set the temperature to 21°c, it will switch from heating and cooling to ensure the room remains at 21°c. This is a good option if you want to keep a room at a consistent temperature, such as a baby's bedroom.

Auto mode is less energy efficient than heat or cool mode because it is having to switch between heating and cooling more often.

How to use Sprint or Powerful mode on a Heat Pump 

Sprint or powerful mode is the best way to quickly heat or cool your room. This mode uses the most power and fan speed to try and achieve the desired temperature as fast as possible. Sprint or powerful mode must be used in conjunction with heat or cool mode and usually has an auto timer of around 20 minutes before the Heat Pump drops back down to the regular speed of heat or cool mode.


By using these modes correctly you’ll be able to get the most out of your Heat Pump all year round.

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