Spring cleaning your Heat Pump

The winter months are finally behind us, and the temperature is slowly beginning to warm, now is the perfect time to clean your Heat Pump.

Over the winter your Heat Pump works hard to heat your home which leads to build up of dust and particles in the filters and internal systems. The more dust in the filters, the harder the Heat Pump must work to blow out air. Cleaning your Heat Pump filter and internal systems allows your Heat Pump to run more efficiently

How to clean your Heat Pump
Step 1) Ensure your Heat Pump is completely turned off.

It is important before you attempt to clean your Heat Pump that there is no power running to the system.

Step 2) Remove the outer cover of your Heat Pump unit.

For wall mounted Heat Pumps, the cover usually lifts upwards. For floor mounted units, the front cover usually lifts off completely. Please ensure you are using a ladder and appropriate safety gear if you are reaching a high, wall mounted Heat Pump unit.

Step 3) Remove the filters

You should be able to completely remove the filters of your Heat Pump out of the unit. If you have not cleaned your filters in a while, you may want to wear gloves for this part.

Step 4) Clean the filters

If your vacuum has a fabric cleaning attachment this is great to use to clean your Heat Pump filters. Otherwise, the vacuum hose will work just as well. You want to ensure you are removing as much dirt and dust as possible from both sides of the filters.

If you notice a build up of grime or dirt that is hard to vacuum, you can gently wash your filters in warm water and a little bit of dishwashing liquid. Just ensure you let the filters dry completely before putting them back in the unit.

Step 5) Carefully vacuum the indoor unit

Next you should vacuum any dust and dirt that can be seen on the indoor unit behind where the filters sit.

Step 6) Replace the filter and close the cover

Once the filters are clean and dry, clip them back into the indoor unit. Make sure they are secure and in the correct place before closing the cover.

Step 7) Check the outdoor unit

Ensuring that your outdoor unit is free of any debris is also important for your Heat Pump to run as efficiently as possible. This includes removing any old leaves, weeds, and plants from around the outdoor unit.


By regularly cleaning your Heat Pump you will increase its efficiency and your Heat Pump is likely to last longer.


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