The hidden benefits of insulation

Most people know insulating your home will create a warmer and drier home, but what most people don’t know are the hidden benefits of insulating your home.

Keeps your home cool in summer 

Many people know that insulation keeps your home warm in winter by retaining the heat inside the home, but not many people know that it also keeps your home cool in summer by not allowing the outside temperature in through the ceiling and underfloor.
In fact, installing insulation will keep your house at an optimal temperature all year round.


Insulating allows you to trap heat inside your home which in turn leads to using less energy. Lower energy use means less fossil fuel is burned to create energy and in turn this decreases the amount of polluting gases in the environment.

50 year warranty

All our insulation products come with a 50 year warranty, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your home insulation will continue to perform in years to come.

It creates a healthier living condition

Installing insulation in both your ceiling and underfloor, keeps the cold air out and stops dampness rising into your home, creating a warmer, drier and healthier living condition.

The World Health Organization recommends a minimum inside room temperature of 18°C and if there are young children, elderly or immune compromised people living in the house a minimum of 21°C

A whoping one in four respiratory illness in New Zealand are caused from having a cold, damp home. Additionally, 1600 people die each winter from respiratory problems, with many of these being linked to having a cold housing.

Installing insulation can prevent any illness caused by a cold, damp and uninsulated home and in turn can prevent less visits to the doctor and less time off school or work.

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