The Importance of H1 Energy Efficiency Standards for Builders

In today's construction landscape, energy efficiency is not just a buzzword—it's a necessity. As New Zealand continues to prioritise sustainable building practices, the H1 Energy Efficiency standards have emerged as a crucial benchmark for builders. But what exactly are these standards, and why should builders partner with EnergySmart to ensure compliance?

Let's dive in.

Understanding H1 Energy Efficiency Standards

The H1 Energy Efficiency standards, as outlined by the Building Performance website, focus on the efficient use of energy in buildings. These standards set the physical conditions for energy performance, ensuring that homes and buildings are not only comfortable but also environmentally friendly.

Two key standards under the H1 umbrella include:

1. NZS 4218:2009 - Thermal insulation – housing and small buildings.

This standard, although no longer cited in the latest edition of the Acceptable Solution H1/AS1 and Verification Method H1/VM1, has been instrumental in guiding insulation practices for housing and small buildings.

2. NZS 4246:2016 - Energy efficiency - Installing bulk thermal insulation in residential buildings:

A more recent addition, this standard provides comprehensive guidance on the correct installation of insulation products. It emphasises achieving optimal thermal performance without compromising the safety and durability of insulation or building elements.


Why Builders Should Partner with EnergySmart

Experience and Expertise: 

EnergySmart has years of experience working with building companies across New Zealand. Their team is highly trained in installing insulation in new homes, ensuring that every project meets the unique requirements of the H1 standards.

The double layer solution:

Our design team has meticulously evaluated various methods to comply with the updated H1 ceiling insulation standards. While numerous alternatives exist, their costs vary significantly. Typically, employing a double-layer insulation approach emerges as the most economically viable option, offering superior thermal performance. This efficiency stems from strategically overlaying the second insulation layer across the truss's bottom cord. Precise installation of this system is crucial to ensure the integrity of both the structure and the compliance calculations.

H1 calculations:

The recent modifications in H1 standards can be perplexing for many in the building industry. As specialists in insulation and thermal efficiency, EnergySmart is equipped to tackle these complex calculations on your behalf. Our commitment extends to providing customised H1 design support to all our clients. Whether it's optimising insulation specifications for cost savings or conducting detailed analyses to determine the most suitable specifications for your project, we're here to guide you. Our expertise ensures that any query related to H1 standards is addressed with clarity and precision.

Quality Assurance: 

EnergySmart uses trusted, high-quality products and a nationwide network of company employed installers to ensure the quality of service is exceptional. Their meticulous attention to detail ensures that every installation passes the all-important pre-line inspection. EnergySmart can guarantee we will be on-site on time, every time.

Up-to-date Knowledge: 

The world of building regulations is ever-evolving. EnergySmart prides itself on staying updated with the latest industry regulations, technology, and best practices. Their commitment to the H1 standards ensures that insulation is installed correctly, maximising energy efficiency without over-insulating.

Exceptional Customer Service: 

Deadlines and budgets are crucial in the construction industry. EnergySmart understands this and works seamlessly with building companies to ensure timely and budget-friendly insulation installations.


As New Zealand moves towards a more sustainable future, compliance with the H1 Energy Efficiency standards is non-negotiable. Builders looking for a reliable partner to navigate this journey should look no further than EnergySmart. With their expertise, quality assurance, and commitment to customer service, builders can be confident that their projects will not only meet but exceed the H1 standards.

Contact EnergySmart today to learn more about their insulation services and how they can help make your next building project a success.

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