Why is underfloor insulation important?

Uninsulated underfloors are often the main reason why a home is damp, unhealthy and difficult to heat. An average sized underfloor allows 40 litres* of moisture to be uplifted into the home every 24 hours.

Fitting underfloor insulation and a ground vapour barrier is highly recommended, as it protects your property, your belongings, and your family from this moisture.

Having underfloor insulation reduces heat loss, meaning you will have a warmer home (and feet) and reduced heating bills.

How does underfloor insulation work?

Underfloor insulation creates a barrier that helps protects your home from the external air under your property. Insulating your home can reduce dampness uplifted into your home, as well as reduces heat lost through the floor.

Simply put the primary purpose of underfloor insulation is to keep your home dry as well as, warm in winter and cool in summer.

Don’t suffer another winter with a damp, cold and unhealthy home.

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*Rising moisture is calculated at 40Lof water per m2 of floor area per day e.g a 100m2 underfloor = 40L per day.

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