What happens during an in-home Insulation assessment?

At EnergySmart we believe everyone should live in a warm, dry healthy home and be able to access expert advice on what improvements and changes they could make to benefit their home. That is why we offer free in-home Insulation assessments to check the quality of insulation and provide recommendations on what could be improved.

What happens during an in-home Insulation assessment?

Firstly, our customer services team will book in a convenient time for one of our trained assessors to come and visit your home. During the assessment they will check your ceiling and underfloor insulation.

Checking your Ceiling Insulation:

Our assessor will get up into your ceiling and check a number of important things:

  • The condition of any existing Insulation. This includes checking the thickness, how it is installed and if there are any gaps or empty areas in the roof space.

  • If there are any leaks in the roof or pipes that could be causing moisture and water to enter your home.

  • They will then measure the space and take note of any fixtures or obstacles within the roof

 A home with adequate ceiling insulation is easier to heat and will retain heat for longer keeps your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Checking your Underfloor Insulation:

If your home has an accessible underfloor, our assessor will also go under the house to check the quality of your Underfloor Insulation. They’ll look at a number of things:

  • The condition on any exiting underfloor insulation and if there is adequate clearance to install insulation.

  • They’ll measure the width and spacing of joists underneath the house to ensure we bring the right product and size when installing.

  • They will also check if there are any leaks in the while they are under there.

  • In addition, they will also see if your home would benefit from Ground Moisture Barrier. Ground Moister Barrier is a polythene layer that goes on the ground under your home. It is the single most important thing to prevent rising moisture and dampness entering your home.

A home with adequate Underfloor Insulation reduces dampness rising into your home, as well as prevents heat loss.

What happens next?

Once our assessor has completed the ceiling and underfloor assessment, they will email through a quote which will outline exactly what Insulation they recommend. We offer Fiberglass, Wool and Polyester insulation options and can send through a quote for each type.

If you are happy with the quote, the next step is for the deposit to be paid and for us to organize the best time for our installation team to come and an install your new Insulation.

Book your free in-home Insulation assessment with EnergySmart by calling 0800 777 111

Did you know?

Did you know that EnergySmart also offer free in-home Heat Pump assessments? Ask your assessor to assess your Heat Pump needs while they are at your home!

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