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Ground Moisture Barrier

Ground Moisture Barrier is a polythene sheet that covers the ground underneath a home and acts as a barrier to rising dampness.

Ground Moisture Barrier

12 Months

Interest Free

*T&C Apply

Why You Should Install Ground Moisture Barrier

Ground Moisture Barrier acts as a cap on rising damp and therefore lowers the moisture level in your home. Preventing rising damp will reduce condensation and mould, as well as making your home easier to heat.


Prevents dampness rising into your home


Prevents mould

Creates a healthier home

Creates a healthier home

energy efficiency

Boosts energy efficiency


Protects your home from damage due to rising dampness


Reduces health issues caused from dampness

ES-Safe to Touch

Reduces condensation

Home heating & insulation

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Ground Moisture Barrier FAQs

Do all homes need a Ground Moisture Barrier?

We strongly recommend for all homes to have a Ground Moisture Barrier (GMB). A GMB provides the best, cost effective protection against rising dampness whilst protecting the integrity of your underfloor insulation.

Is Ground Moisture Barrier covered by the Warmer Kiwi Homes grant?

If you are the homeowner and your property qualifies for a Warmer Kiwi Homes Insulation subsidy (ceiling or underfloor), then yes 80% of the cost of a Ground Moisture Barrier is covered.

What is a Ground Moisture Barrier?

A Ground Moisture Barriers (GMB) is a polythene groundsheet that covers the underfloor of a home. An extremely cost effective method to prevent rising dampness.

Do you have interest free options available for Ground Moisture Barrier purchases?

Yes, we have a range of interest free payment options available. Find out more about what interest free payment options may be available to you.

Can I install a Ground Moisture Barrier myself?

Yes, it is possible to install a Ground Moisture Barrier yourself. However, it is not the nicest of jobs getting under the underfloor. Our trained installers are experts and can install Ground Moisture Barrier quickly and efficiently before to installing your underfloor insulation.