5 reasons you may be struggling to heat your home

Sometimes heating your home can feel like a never-ending and expensive task. Often there are simple and affordable changes you can make to your home to help it stay warmer and drier in the colder months that won’t break the bank!

Here are 5 ways to make heating your home easier this winter:

1. Stop any unwanted drafts.

Drafts and cold air can sneak into the home through the smallest spaces due to the pressure difference from the outside to inside. By ensuring that you seal any gaps or spaces means that cold air is less likely to find its way in, and warm air cannot escape.

There is a range of easy and affordable options to help stop those pesky drafts such as:
• Using draft stoppers or door brushes on external doors.
• Seal your home with weather stripping.
• Tighten any loose window hinges or latches to ensure your windows are closing properly.

2. Ensure your home is properly insulated.

Did you know that up to 54% of heat can be lost through an uninsulated or poorly insulated home?

A well-insulated home should warm up quickly and retain heat. There isn’t much point in heating a home if it is escaping through the ceiling just as quickly! Poor insulation not only leads to a home that is hard to heat but also causes increased condensation, dampness and mould growth.

If you’re not sure if your insulation is up to scratch, EnergySmart offer FREE in-home assessments to check your insulation. We have a range of insulation options to help make your home warmer and drier. You may even be eligible for 80% off with the Warmer Kiwi Homes Subsidy!

3. Make sure your home is properly ventilated.

If you are waking up with crying windows, this could be a sign of a poorly ventilated home which is a massive factor in the ability to heat your home. The higher the humidity and moisture levels in the home, the harder heaters must work to raise the temperature.

There are several things you can do to combat this including:
• Avoid drying your clothes indoors as all the moisture from the clothes can seep into the walls. Try drying them outside as much as possible.
• Open windows whenever you can! This encourages fresh air throughout the home and helps combat stagnant air. Just make sure to shut them before the outside temperature drops in the afternoon.
• Use extractor fans in kitchens and bathrooms to help steam escape.

4. Your heating source is ineffective.

A lot of people fall into the trap of purchasing a heater that has a low upfront cost but is very expensive to run and not great at heating the home.

Heat Pumps are much more cost-effective in the long run and provide much better quality heating. A lot of Heat Pumps have additional features such as timers, Wi-Fi control and more. They also circulate airflow throughout your home, which helps with stagnant and damp air.

EnergySmart has a wide range of Heat Pumps available, with some Daikin models starting from just $1,849* installed. The Warmer Kiwi Home Subsidy also covers 80% off the cost of a Heat Pump to those eligible.

5. Make sure you are using your curtains correctly.

This one may sound very simple but ensuring that your curtains are open during the day and closed when the outdoor temperature starts dropping makes a huge difference to the temperature of your home.

It is important to open your curtains in the morning so that the natural sunlight and warmth can enter your home. When the outside temperature starts to drop late afternoon make sure to shut all the curtains in the house which will trap the warmth inside.

If you need help with Insulation or a Heat Pump, EnergySmart offers great, affordable options to help you have a warm, dry home. Book in one of our free, no-obligation in-home assessments to see how we could help you improve your home.

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