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Daikin Heat Pump Special
Get a Daikin 3.2kW heap pump installed for $1,995
Heat pumps are New Zealand's most popular form of heating and cooling.

Our Brands

"Heat Pumps are proven to be one of the most energy efficient forms of heating available and are the most popular choice of home heating in New Zealand. Heat Pumps offer features that other heating options cannot."

How does a Heat Pump work?

The outdoor unit initiates the heating process by absorbing heat energy from the surrounding environment, even on chilly days. Using a refrigerant as the transfer medium, this absorbed heat is compressed and then pumped through to the indoor unit. Once inside, the heat is released, effectively warming your home during the heating mode. Conversely, in cooling mode, the indoor unit absorbs heat from indoor air and transfers it to the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit then expels this heat outside, resulting in a cooling effect on the indoor air.

Heat pumps use refrigerant cycles to transfer heat, similar to how a refrigerator works but in reverse. They are highly efficient because they move heat rather than generating it, unlike typical electric or gas heaters, making heat pumps a cost-effective and environmentally friendly heating and cooling solution for your home or workplace.