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Are you having issues with your Heat Pump?

We have created a guide on how to check your Heat Pump for the most common issues.

Defrost Mode
In cold weather all Heat Pumps need to perform a defrost cycle, this usually happens within 45 minutes of switching the Heat Pump on. During this time it can make many people think they have a faulty heat pump – but this is usually not the case. The defrost cycle should be complete within 5 – 10 minutes.

What is the defrost cycle?
Defrost cycle occurs when it's cold and is simply the Heat Pump recognising that ice has formed, or begun to form, on the outside units heat exchange coil and is automatically fixing this.

When the Heat Pump goes to defrost mode the unit inside will stop heating, the indoor fan will stop or slow right down, and depending on the model there can be some blinking lights on the indoor unit.

There are timers built into the Heat Pump’s control board that restrict the frequency of defrost cycles. Usually a unit must run for a minimum of 35 minutes before completing the first defrost. From there defrost should not occur any more frequently than 30 – 40 mins. Defrost cycle can last between 5 – 10 minutes depending on the weather conditions.
Please note: It is important not to stop the unit before the defrost cycle has ended; if the unit is restarted shortly afterwards it will run very inefficiently.
Remote Settings
If you have found that it's not the defrost mode, there are several different settings on your remote to check. We have provided a step by step guide to check these.

  • EnergySmart LogoCheck you have turned the Heat Pump on
  • EnergySmart LogoCheck what mode it is on. There are 5 different modes. - Please note: Cool and heat mode look very similar, so you will want to check if this is on heat and not cool. We recommend having this on auto, dry or heat in winter.
  • EnergySmart LogoCheck the temperature your Heat Pump is set to.
  • EnergySmart LogoCheck your fan settings by pressing the "Fan" button. We recommend setting this to auto, as it will automatically decrease and increase the output. If your fan is set to low or quiet, you will want to adjust this.
Heat Pump Clean
If you have tried the above and you are finding your heat pump is not performing optimally it may need a clean.

Mitsubishi recommends you clean your Heat Pump every 6 months. You can do this yourself or if you don't feel confident doing this yourself you can hire a professional.