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Mitsubishi Heat Pumps

Mitsubishi are NZ’s quietest Heat Pump brand.

Mitsubishi Heat Pumps

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Why Mitsubishi?

Mitsubishi Heat Pumps are designed for New Zealanders with NZ’s harsh conditions at the forefront of their technology. They are designed to heat in winter and cool in summer, so you have optimal indoor temperature’s all year round.





Powerful operation

air purifying filter

Air Purifying Filter

ES-Low Cost

i-Save mode

Intelligent defrost

Intelligent defrost

Large high density heat exchanger

Large high density heat exchanger

ES-Temperature Control

Wide operating temperature


R32 refrigerant


Optional Wifi

Home heating

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About Mitsubishi Heat Pumps

MitsubishiHeat Pumps have been trusted by New Zealanders for over 40 years. Known for their high-quality, market leading advanced technology features and energy efficient operation. They offer a wide range of styles and unit sizes to match every home and budget.

When purchasing a Mitsubishi Heat Pump, you are guaranteed excellence. Every unit undergoes extensive performance and endurance testing prior to installation. As a result of such rigorous testing, They are known to be more durable, quieter, have even air distribution and easier to maintain therefore expanding their lifetime.


We supply and install only the best Heat Pumps


Mitsubishi Heat Pumps come with a 5 year comprehensive parts and labour warranty. All our Heat Pumps are installed by a registered electrician and come with a code of compliance.

Mitsubishi Heat Pump FAQs

Are Mitsubishi Heat Pumps easy to clean?

Yes, Mitsubishi Heat Pumps are easy to clean. After your Heat Pump is installed, you will be provided easy to follow steps in your manual on how to clean your Heat Pump.

Do Mitsubishi Heat Pumps have a wifi control?

Yes, there are a range of different Mitsubishi Heat Pumps that either have built in Wi-Fi capability, or you can purchase an additional Wi-Fi controller which allows you to connect your smart phone to your Heat Pump. Mitsubishi also offers some models without Wi-Fi Capability, so make sure to let your assessor know you are wanting Wi-Fi.

Do Mitsubishi Heat Pumps have an air filter?

Yes, Mitsubishi Heat Pumps are all equipped with a standard air filter, as well as an anti-allergy enzyme filter. Air filtration helps improve your homes air quality and when the filters are cleaned regularly, they help maintain your Heat Pumps efficiency but preventing a buildup of dust.

Are Mitsubishi Heat Pumps noisy?

Mitsubishi Heat Pumps have unique quietness technology that aim to operate quietly on all the Heat Pumps settings. Mitsubishi ensure their Heat Pumps are as quite as possible through their superior fan, coil, airflow, and unit design, as well as rigorous testing.

Do Mitsubishi have Floor Console Heat Pumps?

Yes, Mitsubishi have a range of Floor Console Heat Pumps. Floor Console Heat Pumps are great for ease of access for cleaning and can fit well into gaps where old fireplaces used to be.

Are Mitsubishi Heat Pumps reliable?

Mitsubishi Heat Pumps are very reliable and have a lifespan of approximately 15 years. All Mitsubishi electric Heat Pumps with a 5 year parts and labor warranty, giving you piece of mind when purchasing your Heat Pump.

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