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"You guys are a credit to yourselves. We fully recommend you, the job and product you use to anyone and everyone. The difference is quite unbelievable.

Thanks once again.

Top job from top people."




EnergySmart are your trusted experts here to help all Kiwis enjoy the benefits of proper insulation.

We love making it better for so many families – it gives us the warm fuzzies!

Your Home Insulation Experts

We believe insulation is awesome and we're thrilled to make it so much easier and affordable for everyone.

The list goes on about all the great benefits – have a peek in the titles below, or stroll through the rest of our site.  We love to talk to people about it too, so GET IN TOUCH with us to find out more about how YOU can benefit.


-all year!




It can be difficult to tell whether your house has been fully insulated, but more so whether any insulation you do have is effective and doing it's job. Our trained assessors know all about it though – and we'll send them around for free!  They can also tell you what subsidies you may be entitled to for insulating, plus they'll give you tips on other ways they may see you can save on energy.


We offer a range of insulation products and brands and work closely with manufacturers to secure great discounts for you.

There are different kinds of insulation with different properties and advantages.  We'll advise on what's best for your particular house and budget.


Insulation needs to be done right to be fully effective. Our friendly teams have been fully trained and have plenty of experience on how to do the job right. Once you've been assessed and measured, our local team will deliver and install insulation in your ceiling and underfloor.


Insulating houses is what we're all about, but we're also big on helping you pay for it. As well as working with local funding schemes, EnergySmart are accredited supply–installers for the government 'Warm Up New Zealand: Helathy Homes' subsidy programme. That means if you meet the criteria for funding, we'll insulate your home for free!

Even if you don't qualify for any subsidy, you'll still be making great savings with our huge discounts and competitive rates.

We make it real easy – and it may never be cheaper for you than now.  Get in touch to find out how we can help you – and start making the most of saving big time, being more cosy, dry and healthy!

With EnergySmart, you get friendly, professional service and the benefit of our years of experience – we've been helping families keep cosy since the turn of the century! 
As a trusted, one stop shop for home insulation and advice, there's choice with a range of brands, so you'll get what's best for you and your home.

You'll also get great savings with our huge discounts and access to amazing subsidies.


Having good insulation means your home stays warmer for longer. It also means less damp, so it's much quicker and cheaper to heat.



Research shows living in insulated homes is better for our health, so there's less days off school, work, and fewer costly visits to the doctor and hospital.

Cold and damp inside can lead to moulds and mildew, which can lead to health issues like asthma and allergies.

New Zealand has one of the highest rates of asthma and respiratory illness in the OECD countries, which has been linked to our cold, damp housing.



Approximately one third of household energy bills are spent on heating and cooling. By properly insulating your ceiling and underfloor you can reduce heat loss by over 50%!  That's about half your heating bill – now that's a big saving!



Insulation pays for itself quickly over time through energy savings. It will also ADD to the value of your property. When it comes to selling, it will likely will return your investment (or more!) again – on top of the energy savings.  Not many investments can boast like that!


It's simple really – and it may never be cheaper to do than now.

It's one of the smartest moves you can make to save money, be greener and enjoy a more comfortable, healthy and energy efficient home.




    A well insulated house can save as much as 50% of your home heat from being lost. That's a big saving on your energy bill!  Even if your house is insulated, you may still be losing money (heat or cooling) without the right kind and amount of insulation, properly installed and in good condition. Our expert assessors can figure that out for you – plus give you tips and advice on other ways you may be able to save on energy.

    Check out our TIPS page to find out more



    EnergySmart can save you loads on insulation and installation – with huge subsidy discounts available - some as much as FREE!

    EnergySmart are an EECA accredited service provider.  That means we're approved by the government to allocate and implement home insulation grants from the Warm Up New Zealand (WUNZ) Programme. These cover both product and installation costs.  More...



    We've muscled up to our suppliers (the factories) to bring you great savings on insulation products. Whether we're installing for you or you want to install yourself, we supply at discount rates nationwide.  Even if you don't qualify for subsidies, we can still save you heaps. More...



    Better insulation means better health, and that means less spent on your medical bills. More...






    Research shows poorly insulated houses lead to many health issues such as asthma, bronchitis, rheumatic fever and infectious skin diseases. The Children’s Commission recent report into child poverty highlighted the need for properties to be well insulated.


    Having your home well insulated not only means it stays warmer longer, but a warmer house stays drier too. Damp housing is good for things like mould and mildew to grow and live in – not people!  Combining a cold environment with nasty unwanted guests like these is a recipe for health problems. New Zealand has one of the highest rates of asthma and respiratory illness in the OECD countries, with a proven relationship to cold, damp homes.


    Your family's health is precious, plus illness means lost time from work and school and more time at the doctors or hospital. Insulate to save on your energy bill and you'll save on medical bills too!


    Give your family the benefit of a healthier, warmer home.  Now's the time to do it – because of these benefits, the Government is offering you HUGE savings through subsidies. You may even be entitled to FREE insulation!


    It's not just the environment inside your home that benefits from insulation, by saving energy you're saving the environment outside too. Less power and fuel consumption means less pollution and a greener planet.


    As well as that, the products we use are environmentally friendly – made mostly with recycled materials and are biodegradable or recyclable after their use.



    With a warmer, dryer home, research shows there's much less chance of health problems like asthma or bronchitis too. You won't be so likely to have unpleasant air from damp either.



    "The difference insulation has made to my old house is simply amazing!

    I have no hesitation in recommending EnergySmart to others. My fuel bill must have halved since having my home insulated by the experts in the field."

    Ken Geach


    "Dear Lyn and crew,

    Thank you all so very much for my warmer house.

    The young men – Neil and Peter who did the installing were amazing. Polite, tidy and very efficient. Big thank you to them."




    "Dear Sir

    I am truly delighted to have insulation installed by EnergySmart two weeks ago. The team were excellent and I feel the temperature – my house has possibly gone up by 5ºC. I notice it mainly in the morning – it used to be 5ºC at this time of the year and now it is at least 10ºC.

    Many thanks"

    Margaret Price

    "Dear Lyn

    Would like to confirm our home has been completed and we are so very pleased, in fact ‘rapt’ is the word. The whole process from talking to you, having Rob come around and inspect to the boys installing the product has been awesome. You guys are a credit to yourselves. The difference is quite unbelievable, we never have thought it would make such a difference. Could we at this time congratulate you all and fully recommend you and the job and product you use to anyone and everyone. Thanks once again. Top job from top people."

    Cheers Rob & Kathryn

    "Hi Emmet

    Just a quick email to let you know the results of the installation in ceiling and under floor. I cannot believe the difference this has made and the warmth retained all night in the house. I would like to mention the great service I received from you and the team responsible for installation. The guys were great and left no mess at all.

    I am one very happy customer and will pass the word about the great service I received."


    Yours sincerely

    Mark Stevenson

    "Hello Lyn,

    I have been very remiss at not getting back to you sooner! I just wish to say thank you very much for warming up my house! I came back one day from class to find that my house had been fully insulated and no sign of your team having even been!

    Thank you very much!  A big thanks to you and your team."


    John Taylor

    "Well they've been and gone. What a great pair! They arrived and got stuck in straight away, 10 minutes at lunch and completed in no time.

    We appreciated their commitment and cheerful attitude - can't be fun stuck under a house for a few hours!

    Thanks again for all your help"

    Gregg and Chrissie

    "Hello Rowena

    Just to let you know that the visit by the two insulation guys in April was very successful. They did an excellent job and were very professional indeed. They made a perfect job of laying the insulation in the more demanding context of ceiling tiles and did not budge a single tile. I was most impressed with how they handled the whole exercise and how considerate they were with myself as an older resident.

    In addition, the prior visit by Selby, during which he scoped the building and pre-requisites for organising the job for the guys to carry out at a later date was impressive. He also was most considerate and a very good communicator.

    All in all please convey my enormous appreciation to the team. The house felt a lot cosier even on the day of the installation and has continued on a lot warmer than previously, so that I have not needed a fire so far.

    In particular I applaud your group for using recycled wool, which is a far better material than fibreglass, due to the fact it keeps it shape and therefore its thermal capability indefinitely. It is therefore more sustainable and far better value in the long term.

    Thank you again for this incredible service to holders of Community Services cards. The good work is much appreciated."

    – A rural Canterbury customer

    One of our customers was amazed at the effectiveness of their new underfloor insulation. “The carpet on the floor used to get very cold and damp all the time. But now it’s holding the heat and never feels cold.”

    "Hi there Lyn, just a quick note to let you know how the insulation that you organised for us is going. Well, I wouldn't have believed how good the Batts are, changed the temp in all the rooms and now we don't have the fire roaring fulltime to keep the house cozy, thanks so much for the efforts from all concerened. Health is improving as the time goes on and hopefully the winter won't get us into hibernation like it did before the insulation.

    Wishing you all well,

    Kevin and Sharyn Ryan."

    "Hi Lyn

    Just wanted to pass on how impressed I was with the team that did the install for me last week. Very quick, courteous and professional.

    Thanks again."

    Rod Gully

    14 Cornwall Street





    EnergySmart may be up with the play when it comes to the latest in insulation technology and know how, but we've been around for ages too.


    In fact, we were the first home insulation install company in New Zealand. Way back in 1997, EnergySmart was first set up by the Hutt Mana Trust, as a means to help locals afford the necessary benefits of properly insulated housing.


    Since then, the team have excelled in finding funding to help make it affordable for families and households to have their homes insulated. All the while EnergySmart have specialised in providing a trustworthy, professional service offering advice, assessment and installation of a range of insulation and energy saving products.


    In 2010 EnergySmart was taken under the wing of Terra Lana Products Ltd – a longstanding company committed to bringing effective natural insulation solutions for New Zealand, as such establishing a range of quality natural wool blend insulation for which they remain the leaders in the industry.



    Most of the western world living within a winter climate zone have well insulated, well heated homes.  Why not in New Zealand?  Nowadays many of us just take it fore-granted that it's just the way it is – we know no better and are 'used to it'. It makes no sense though nowadays - when insulation technology is so much better and more easily available and affordable.


    Historically, Much of New Zealand's housing was built at a time when insulation was just not really understood here and considered an optional extra.  To be fair, energy was also cheaper back then and people weren't so aware of the health risks of cold, drafty, damp homes.


    Never the less, because of budget and 'she'll be right' attitude, most families ended up in cold, dark, uninsulated housing.  One of the reasons for this is the history of building standards in the Land Of The Long White Cloud:




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