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EnergySmart Standard Conditions of Contract

Thankyou for the opportunity to assess your home

Based on the information we have obtained from this assessment, EnergySmart is pleased to offer you this quote.
Authorization is given by your signature or by payment of deposit
The quotation is based either on the gross building area measured through and including framing OR on the quantity of Product stated which includes any waste as appropriate.
  1. EnergySmart reserves the right to adjust the invoiced amount from the amount shown on the quote in the event that the quantity installed differs from the amount referred to in the quote
  2. The homeowner will ensure a person over the age of 18 is home during installation
If you require any further information or assistance, please feel free to call or email us. Whilst this quote has been prepared with care, we reserve the right to alter the final price if the measure or install requirements are revised on further inspection by our Auditors. This quote is valid for 21 days and subject to the Standard Conditions of Contract below.
  • Payment and finance: To accept this quote, it must be signed and dated. Alternatively your deposit shall be deemed your full acceptance of the quote.
  • Internet Banking: ANZ 06 0821 0259765 05 and reference quote number.
  • Credit Card: Phone 0800 777 111 and speak to your local office.
  • Finance: Please talk to your Assessor
1. Definitions​
“Customer” means the person(s) or company to whom the quotation is addressed. “Product” means material supplied and/or installed by EnergySmart or our Contractor. “Contractor” means any individual, partnership or company that is conducting services on behalf of and with the
authority of EnergySmart
2. Validity​
Unless accepted in writing by the Customer prior to lapsing, the offer specified in the quotation shall lapse 21 calendar days after the date of the quotation and in any case may be withdrawn by EnergySmart at any time prior to receipt of written acceptance.
3. Acceptance
Acceptance of the quotation by the Customer infers acceptance of the Standard Conditions of Contract unless expressly excluded and confirmed in writing. Work will not be commenced until acceptance has been confirmed in
writing or the correct deposit is received.
4. Installation access​
Access suitable for labor and Product is required to all roofs/ceilings and underfloors to be insulated and rooms where Product is to be installed. Access is deemed suitable only when all storage, rubbish or debris are completely removed, and the working space fits EnergySmart’s Health and Safety guidelines. The Customer is responsible for any scaffolding or other required platform unless specifically stated otherwise in the quote. Any time spent by EnergySmart or our Contractor providing suitable access, working space or platform may be charged to the Customer at prevailing rates.

5. Auditing​
As a function of the Quality Assurance process EnergySmart requires access to audit the work of our installers. This may require access in addition to the
installation time. By signing this quote, the customer is agreeing to have their house audited as required by EnergySmart.

6. Rescheduling of contract​
Risk of loss, damage, deterioration or removal of any Product shall be borne by the Customer from the time of supply. Any remedial work to or replacement of such Product will only be carried out by EnergySmart on receipt of a written request or variation order, and may be charged to the Customer at prevailing rates. EnergySmart takes no responsibility for cracking, warping, or shrinkage of flooring or other forms of damage that may arise due to altering of moisture levels as a result of installation of the insulation.

7. Terms of payment​
Unless specified otherwise in writing, payment for the full GST inclusive amount is required within 7 calendar days of contract completion. Where necessary, EnergySmart may instruct a third party to collect unpaid costs. All costs
incurred in relation to collection of overdue accounts will be payable to the Customer and added to the Customer’s account.

8. Property​
Ownership of the Product shall only pass to the Customer upon payment of the price in full.
9. Claims for consequential loss​
Subject to any legislative provision otherwise, EnergySmart’s liability is limited to replacement or repair of any defective Product subject to any claims having been made in writing by the Customer as soon as the Customer has become aware of such defective Product, nor for any event considered a force majeure which is beyond the direct control of EnergySmart or its Contractors.